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The Peut Guard Award

The Peut Guard Award 2023 generously supported by Eugene Macki was open to applications from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic artists based in the UK. Following an open submission Miles Takes was selected to be the recipient of the inaugural award. He was in residence for a week in August 2023 joining other artists as part of The Grange Projects In Residence Programme. Miles has reflected on his residency as follows:

'I feel that this opportunity has profoundly impacted my artistic journey and has helped me push my practice into new and exciting areas of creativity. During my time at the residency, I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and embrace mediums that I had previously only imagined working in. The supportive environment provided allowed for a week full of experimentation and exploration, which ultimately led me to create my first sculptural work. The week long residency has not only expanded my artistic horizons but has also enhanced my overall creative process having learned new skills and techniques which I will apply to my new works. One of the most valuable aspects of my residency was the opportunity to engage with a group of fellow artists from all different walks of life. The sharing of ideas and experiences with the other residents was a priceless source of inspiration. Whilst I was on the residency I was challenged to think beyond my existing boundaries and encouraged to explore new and alternative approaches to my work. The hosts at the Grange Dr. Nicola Streeten and John Plowman, both accomplished artists in their own right, were truly wonderful throughout. Their mentorship and guidance provided me with invaluable insights into my own work and helped me push my artistic practise to a new level. They provided every resource I could need throughout my stay and were always there to help if needed. In terms of location the Grange Projects Residency was fantastic in providing a distraction-free environment in a serene and idyllic setting which allowed me to focus solely on my work putting the quandaries of everyday life on the back burner. This heightened level of focus was instrumental in my artistic growth, enabling me to immerse myself completely in the projects and ideas I manifested whilst on the residency. I would like to extend my gratitude to Eugene Macki for his role in the creation of the Peut Guard Award. This award not only provided the support and the opportunity for artists from a diverse background like me to showcase and hone their craft. Eugene's ambition in championing inclusivity and diversity within the arts is truly commendable, and I am honoured to have been a recipient of this award. To end, my time at the Grange Projects residency was transformative and has propelled my artistic practice into new horizons. I have come out of the residency as a more versatile, confident and inspired artist. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity and the support of Nicola, John, Eugene the other Grange Projects artists. It is my hope that I can continue to grow and evolve as an artist and contribute back to this project in the future.'

Here are some images of the work Miles made during his residency:

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