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The Grange Projects hosts artist led integrated creative activity at The Grange in Norfolk. Everything that takes place here is made possible by the generosity and support of the owners of The Grange. Located in the small rural village Great Cressingham, Norfolk, The Grange was originally built as a rectory. This wonderful Georgian house is set in 10 acres of tranquil gardens and grounds. It is a beautiful and magical place offering space and peace for everyone to benefit from. The Grange is currently home to graphic novelist Dr Nicola Streeten and artist John Plowman who jointly lead The Grange Projects, with help and advice from their artist daughter Sally Plowman.

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Dr Nicola Streeten is a UK based multi-award-winning graphic novelist and comics scholar. She delivers comics workshops, public talks and facilitates projects and residencies nationally and internationally. Her graphic memoir Billy, Me & You (Myriad Editions, 2011) was followed by The Inking Woman (Myriad Editions, 2018) a 250-year illustrated history of British women’s cartoonists. This was complemented by theoretical publication UK Feminist Cartoons and Comics: A Critical Survey (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020).

Nicola is director of LDComics – a women-led forum supporting and championing graphic novel works, particularly by women. From 2022-2023 she led a British Council International Collaboration project REVEAL! Women’s Comics East Africa-UK in partnership with Kenyan arts journalist Msanii Kimani wa Wanijru, director of Kenyan Kymsnet Media Network. REVEAL!  platforms women’s comics, cartoons, graphic novels in East African countries Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and UK artists with family heritage in this region. This will contribute to wider cross-cultural recognition of women’s experiences historically and currently.

Nicola is working on YIELD, her second graphic novel about the personal and social application of Permaculture principles.


John Plowman is an artist and has exhibited in and curated one person and group exhibitions, in this country and abroad, through which he explores his interest in the production of art and the site(s) of its production and exhibition. His work includes sculpture, installation, performance and drawing exploring the dynamic between two and three dimensions, the made and the yet to be made. Drawing is a key element of his art practice that, at various times, has been visible by its presence as much as by its absence.


He established, with Nicola Streeten, Beacon Art Project, that from 2004 – 16 worked regionally, nationally and internationally commissioning artworks from over seventy artists providing opportunities for people to experience contemporary visual art in non-gallery spaces, usually heritage sites. Established in 2017 Beacon Bureau utilises his skills, knowledge and experience to work with others whose interests are congruent with his own. Collaborating with individuals and organisations to advise, mentor, curate exhibitions and events.

Sally Plowman lives and works in London, UK. She focuses on collaborative working methods to think about how to fail without failing, re-routing purpose, and subverting possession + use. Her work is informed by clowning. Often, her work uses re-worked discarded objects to encourage play and connection via performance, sculpture, music, animation + drawing.



We welcome creative practitioners to The Grange and want everyone who visits to enjoy their experience here. We ask that you respect our values of Generosity and Reciprocity during your time at The Grange and ask that you read the following guidelines. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns we are always happy to discuss with you, John and Nicola.

  • Whilst you are in the space with other people, be considerate and treat others with kindness and respect. In this way we can generate an atmosphere of mutual support, respect, engagement, and learning.

  • Respect other peoples’ personal and/or emotional space. Do not assume everyone has the same physical or emotional boundaries as you.

  • Listen to others. Through the exchange of ideas, information and experiences that may be different to what we are familiar with we can improve our practice and the world.

  • Speak to and behave towards others with politeness. Offensive language and behaviour will be challenged.

  • Respect the use of pronouns and be conscious of assumptions you may make. Ask people how they would like to be addressed.

  • If you wish to take photographs of other people while you are at The Grange, or upload posts onto social media please ensure you have full permission from them before you do so. If anyone does not wish to continue an activity, respect their decision to stop. Please exercise discretion and see communication as key in helping maintain a friendly, respectful environment.


The Grange Projects does not receive public funding towards the general upkeep or running of events and residencies here. If you are in a financial position to support the organisation beyond your contribution, all money donated will be gratefully received. This will ensure inclusivity in future activity.

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