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We, Nicola and John, at The Grange Projects are happy to announce that from December 1st 2023 we will be accepting applications for our artist-led 2024 In Residence Programme - a series of residencies for artists and creatives, running from April to September. 

Inspired by the concept of the suspended coffee campaign we are hosting our residencies in the spirit of generosity and reciprocity, core values of everything that happens at The Grange Projects. To this end we are offering this initiative on a Pay What You Can contribution

basis, see below for details

Our residencies are for a duration of 1 - 3 weeks and may be taken as consecutive weeks or spread over the summer, timescale to be agreed on acceptance of application. Our residencies will suit those working on a focused project they wish to realise within a specific time or those whose practice is more process and/or research orientated.

The Grange offers an exceptional setting in nature to pursue your creative practice alongside ours. Our vision is to facilitate and participate in a convivial and generative atmosphere in which a key feature is a supportive, engaged feedback process with fellow residents. Participating residents will be able to pursue their projects alongside up to 8 other creatives made up of returning alumni, invited artists, new residents and us. You can expect to encounter an interesting mix of disciplines and interests.


Typical Bedroom


The Grange Projects provides: 

  • Access to outbuildings containing workshops with hand and power tools and equipment including a kiln, studio spaces. 

  • A private room with a desk.

  • Wifi in all rooms and throughout the house.

  • All linen and towels are provided.

  • Toilets, shower and bath are shared access. 

  • Use of the communal kitchen, a library with an extensive collection of graphic novels and art books, and living room with work stations as well as access to the extensive gardens and grounds.

  • Meals: Vegan/vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner. All food allergies and needs will be discussed in advance to ensure options for you. 

  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided for you to help yourself to.

  • Hot drinks available for you to help yourself to throughout your stay.

  • The evening meal will be communal and we ask for all guests to commit to joining.

  • Guests are invited to help with the cooking, everything will be provided to enable this. 



Wet Studio


Resident’s Responsibilities

  • Transport costs.

  • Material costs. 

  • We ask that you arrange to have individual insurance in place (available from ) to cover work, equipment or materials belonging to you and your activity at The Grange.



The Grange Projects does not receive funding towards the costs of hosting residencies and we want to ensure the residencies are affordable for all interested artists/creatives. All residencies are offered on a Pay What You Can financial contribution. Our suggested contribution is a nominal £350 per week or £50 per night. All participants are expected to make a monetary contribution of some sort. This may be supplemented with support in kind, such as help with maintenance of house and grounds, undertaking an agreed number of hours per residency. We appreciate and rely on all participants’ goodwill in embracing the value system that has the potential for an exciting new model of artist activity. Please see our FAQS.



The Grange is a rambling old building, with no ground floor bedrooms or shower facilities. If you have a physical or mental health condition please contact us to discuss how we can best support you with your individual needs.


The nearest train station is Downham Market and pick-ups and drop offs can be organised for your residency. The Grange is a 40 min drive to Kings Lynn and a 10 min drive to Swaffham a small town that has a full range of amenities; post office, pubs, doctor, chemist, supermarket etc. There are local bus services from Swaffham but access to a vehicle would be advisable for off site visits/meetings. However for non-drivers help with transportation will be offered where possible.


Application Process 

Our aim is to create a stimulating balance of creative approaches within each cohort. If we are not able to facilitate your request this time, there will be opportunities in the future.

In the first instance email us one A4 page (word doc or pdf)  to include: 

  • A short artist bio with your website and social media addresses.

  • What you propose to focus on during your residency

  • Any additional info that will help us envision your project

  • What you hope to gain from a residency

  • Indication of 2 or 3 preferred dates and length of residency, please check calendar for availability

  • Please indicate your preferred dates if you are applying for an LDComics residency.

  • The deadline for applications:15th of each month.

  • Decisions are made on a monthly basis and all applicants will be emailed the outcome of their application by the 25th of month of submission.

  • Successful applicants will be asked to make payment of a 50% deposit to reserve your place on the residency with a second instalment payable one week before your residency begins. We will be happy to email you a formal invitation letter upon request if this supports your application for funding towards the residency. 

  • All participating residents will be invited to an individual Zoom conversation with us to plan your residency here.



What do you mean by artists and creatives?

We are using these terms to embrace a variety of creative and artistic practice. This includes but is not exclusive and in no particular order: fine artists, sculptors, painters, sound artists, illustrators, designers, print-makers, potters, ceramicists, comics artists, graphic novelists, poets, writers, singers, musicians, clowns, film makers, dancers, curators, photographers, architects, weavers, textile artists, actors, performance artists.

When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline is the 15th of each month. all applications are acknowledged upon receipt and you will be notified the outcome on the 25th of the month you apply.

How far in advance to I need to apply?

Ideally as soon as possible please check the calendar here for available dates.

What is the minimum length of time I can come for?

Minimum stay of 2 nights.

What is the Suspended Coffee Campaign?

“A suspended coffee is the advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who needs it, no matter why” 

What is the difference between Pay What You Can and Pay What You Want ?

Pay What You Can is non judgemental. The activity relies on a collaborative approach where kindness is at the centre. Our intention is that everyone can give and receive in the same spirit, in whatever form that takes. In order to ensure a rich diversity of participants we will rely on mutual support.  Pay What You Want suggests a judgment on the quality of service or goods you receive. Whilst The Grange offers basic comfort, the real offer is the coming together of artists and creatives. The quality of this relies on all participants commiting to the process and ethos.

How do I decide how much I can pay?

We are leaving this entirely up to you. We trust your judgment. We will not ask for proof of your disposable income, but ask instead that you believe in the basic concept - which is to be part of artist led creative activity that has benefit beyond the individual.

What is the minimum amount of monetary contribution I could pay?

Since all your meals and board will be included in your residency, we recommend you consider the amount you would usually spend on your weekly grocery shop as a guideline.

Why do I have to make a monetary contribution?

We receive no funding and the project can only run if we work on this together.

What is the £350/week or £50/night amount based on?

We have spent one year living at The Grange and hosted a number of pilot residencies in the summer of 2022. This is the minimum amount needed to cover our basic running costs during residencies. 

Can I just pay the suggested contribution?


Can I pay more than the suggested contribution?

Yes, all extra contributions will be used to defray the costs of fellow artists. 

Can I help with the gardening even if I pay the suggested contribution?


What do you mean by the supplementary support in kind?

Can you give me an example of a combination of money and support in kind.


If you were able to pay £150/week and work in the garden for 10-12 hours/week, this will make up your full contribution.

The details will be discussed and agreed on an applicant by applicant basis.

What if I have mobility/health issues and I’m unable to garden?

We have a variety of tasks and will agree on an applicant by applicant basis.


If you still have a question please email us.

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